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Building Codes

The Building Code Office has implemented Citizenserve permitting software. All current projects are active in the system. Please follow these instructions to create an account and login to the system.

The Building Code Office is responsible for conducting all construction plan review and inspection services for all UCF and Direct Service Organization owned facilities.

Building construction inspections are conducted at the request of UCF project managers or the associated contractors. The inspections are reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code.

Let us know how we’re doing.

For questions regarding Fire Safety, please go to:

Building Code Resources

Citizenserve Permitting Software
Plan Review Checklist
Permit Fee Calculator
Permitting Procedures
UCF Chapter I, 2023 FBC (Effective 12/31/23)
Building Code Compliance, UCF Policy 3-109
Special and Threshold Inspector Approval Requirements
Certificate of Insurance Requirements
Security Projects
Standard Detail
Pressure Testing Requirements
Permitting Training 1
Permitting Training 2

State License Verification

State License Verification


Florida Building Code
State Fire Marshall’s Office

Building Department Contacts

Roy Johnston
Building Code Official

Ning Li
Administrative Assistant III
Permit Technician

Patrick McDonough
Electrical Plans Examiner/Inspector I

Bruce Mink
Mechanical Plans Examiner/Inspector I

Kyle Carew
Plans Examiner/Inspector I

Byron Cordova
Administrative Assistant I
Permit Technician